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We are able to offer tailored Logistics Solutions to our customers, utilising our large and varied fleet of bulk tippers in conjunction with our Heavy Haulage walking floor, and Mining & Earthmoving Equipment available at our disposal. Load and Haul contracts of any size and duration are our speciality

Truck Configuration available:
• Single Axle Tippers
• Tandem Tippers
• Single Semi Tippers
• Truck and Dog Trailer
• Truck and Quad Dog Trailer
• Truck and Five Axle Dog Trailer
• 19m B-Double
• 25m B-Double
• 26m B-Double
• Double Road Train

We have a network of approved disposal sites for excavated  materials, either company owned or contracted, to compliment our association with Licensed landfill facilities for contaminated wastes. With these disposal options in conjunction with our earthmoving equipment and partners transport resources we have been able provide competative excavation and disposal options throughout Western Australia